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The case – where industrial design and art meet

We started from the coin-edge case-style, one of the 1930`s most appreciated watch designs, and we re-developed it on the guideline “less is best” keeping well clear of ovedesign, we increased the entre-cornes space, (the ratio between the case and the lugs width), we added a sapphire glass and see-through back to show the watch`s beating heart.

And we decided for a Titanium case rather than a steel one.

Titanium ?

Grade 5 Titanium is the highest grade of Ti available for watchmaking and it has many advantages:

– it is 45% lighter than steel;

– it is nonpoisonous and biologically inert, so you cannot get a nickel rash from it, nor any other kind of skin metal contamination;

– it will not oxidise, rust or degrade with sweat;

– it can withstand higher and lower temperature without breaking or deforming;

– it is amagnetic, so it will not magnetize, and this will help the watch be more accurate in the presence of magnetic fields;

Last, but not least, its warm metallic dark-grey colour is very attractive and it matches perfectly our galvanic dials, and it can be mirror-polished.

The Dague has been manufactured to a 50mt. water-resistance rating, which does not make it a diving watch but it provides enough water-resistance to endure everyday`s use and it allowes us also to keep the case diameter down to a weareable 41.7 mm diameter and its thickness of 10,6mm, including the domed sapphire glass.

The result is a well proportioned watch, pleasantly on the thin side, which does not feel or look bulky and which is very comfortable to wear on most wrist sizes.

The caseback is secured to the case via 4 screws and the front glass is a domed sapphire with anti-reflective coating on the inside.

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