The making of the Dague | T3 Special Watches
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The making of The Dague

Our journey starts with the desire for a watch whose style would not age and powered by a beautiful quality movement. A watch that would be hard wearing enough to be worn daily by two bike addicts.

As we shopped around for this dream tiempiece we found many excellent watches, but none that actually fit all of our criteria and esthetic search, so we decided to make our own watch.

The first prototype

Having designed our watch, we had to test it for beauty, comfort and reliabiliy and the best way to find out was to wear these prototypes every day for a full year.

Our time-machines need time to mature.

We ordered a pre-production run of six cases, a few  dials, we restored a few movements and months later the first watches were on our wrists.

These prototypes endured more than 10’000 km. of bike rides, the summer heat and our snowy winter temperatures.

The watches worked correctly and, as important, they passed our looks-test as wearing the same watch every day is like having a piece of art in your living-room. If you do not really like it, after a while you put it in the cellar.

A year later our test watches were disassembled examined to check if there were any hidden issues – fortunately there were none. We liked the watch like the first day, and this meant they passed the beauty test and we could push our production plan ahead.

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